Navratri Colours 2023 | Navratri Nine Days Colors 2023

Navratri Colours 2023

Navratri is a Hindu festival celebrated twice a year in India during the month called Chaitra. Narayat is the Sanskrit word indicating the nine days of the month and the festival runs nine days during each of them. This week nine color combinations are selected and each color is unique to Navratri. In addition, people decorate the Navratri mandir in the Navratri colors. Navratri is celebrated largely in India’s home. Navratri is celebrated in various places in India.

Navratri Nine Days Colors 2023

Navratri is a Hindu festival that is celebrated for nine days, and each day is associated with a specific color. The colors of Navratri vary depending on the region and the customs followed. However, Here are the nine colours of Chaitra Navratri in the order in which they are meant to be celebrated.

Navratri Day 1October 15, 2023, SundayOrange
Navratri Day 2October 16, 2023, MondayWhite
Navratri Day 3October 17, 2023, TuesdayRed
Navratri Day 4October 18, 2023, WednesdayRoyal Blue
Navratri Day 5October 19, 2023, ThursdayYellow
Navratri Day 6October 20, 2023, FridayGreen
Navratri Day 7October 21, 2023, SaturdayGrey
Navratri Day 8October 22, 2023, SundayPurple
Navratri Day 9October 23, 2023, MondayPeacock Green

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