List of All Color/Colours Name in English With Pictures in the World

In today’s article, I have given the List of All Color/Colours Name in English With Pictures in the World, as well as their pictures in front of the colours, so that you do not have any problem identifying the colours name.

Colors/Colours Name Picture

Colors Name Picture ColorNames.In

Types Of Colors/Colours

Primary Colors

These are the three basic colors that cannot be created by mixing other colors. They are red, yellow, and blue, and they are used as the basis for creating all other colors.

Secondary Colors

These are created by mixing two primary colors together. The three secondary colors are green (created by mixing yellow and blue), orange (created by mixing yellow and red), and purple (created by mixing red and blue).

Tertiary Colors

These are created by mixing a primary color with a secondary color. For example, mixing red with orange creates a red-orange color, and mixing yellow with green creates a yellow-green color.

Color/Colours Name to Color Picture Converter

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12 Basic Colors/Colours Name With Pictures

NumbersColors PicturesColors Name
1Black ColorBlack
2Blue ColorBlue
3Brown colorBrown
4Golden ColorGolden
5Green ColorGreen
6Grey ColorGrey
7Orange ColorOrange
8Pink ColorPink
9Purple ColorPurple
10Red ColorRed
11White ColorWhite
12Yellow ColorYellow

Colors/Colours HTML Codes

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List Of Colors/Colours Name in English with Pictures And HTML Codes

NumbersColors PicturesColors NameColors HTML Code
1Alice Blue ColorAlice Blue#F0F8FF
2Antique White ColorAntique White#FAEBD7
3Aqua ColorAqua#00FFFF
4Aquamarine ColorAquamarine#7FFFD4
5Azure ColorAzure#F0FFFF
6Beige ColorBeige#F5F5DC
7Bisque ColorBisque#FFE4C4
8Blue Violet ColorBlue Violet#8A2BE2
9Burlywood ColorBurlywood#DEB887
10Cadet Blue ColorNames.InCadet Blue#5F9EA0
11Chartreuse ColorNames.InChartreuse#7FFF00
12Chocolate ColorChocolate#D2691E
13Coral Color ColorNames.InCoral#FF7F50
14Cornflower Blue Color ColorNames.InCornflower Blue#6495ED
15Cornsilk Color ColorNames.InCornsilk#FFF8DC
16Crimson Color ColorNames.InCrimson#DC143C
17Cyan Color ColorNames.InCyan#00FFFF
18Dark Blue Color ColorNames.InDark Blue#00008B
19Dark Cyan Color ColorNames.InDark Cyan#008B8B
20Dark Golden Rod Color ColorNames.InDark Golden Rod#B8860B
21Dark Gray ColorNames.InDark Gray#A9A9A9
22Dark Green ColorNames.InDark Green#006400
23Dark Khaki ColorNames.InDark Khaki#BDB76B
24Dark Magenta ColorNames.InDark Magenta#8B008B
25Dark Olive Green ColorNames.InDark Olive Green#556B2F
26Dark OrangeDark Orange#FF8C00
27Dark Orchid ColorNames.InDark Orchid#9932CC
28Dark Salmon ColorNames.InDark Salmon#E9967A
29Dark Sea Green ColorNames.InDark Sea Green#8FBC8F
30Dark Slate BlueDark Slate Blue#483D8B
31Dark Turquoise ColorNames.InDark Turquoise#00CED1
32Deep Pink ColorNames.InDeep Pink#FF1493
33Deep Sky Blue ColorNames.InDeep Sky Blue#00BFFF
34Dim Gray ColorDim Gray
35Fire Brick ColorNames.InFire Brick#B22222
36Floral White ColorNames.InFloral White#FFFAF0
37Forest Green ColorNames.InForest Green#228B22
38Fuchsia ColorNames.InFuchsia#FF00FF
39Gainsboro Color ColorNames.InGainsboro#DCDCDC
40Gold ColorNames.InGold#FFD700
41Golden Rod ColorNames.InGolden Rod#DAA520
42Gray ColorNames.InGray#808080
43Green Yellow ColorNames.InGreen Yellow#ADFF2F
44Indian Red ColorNames.InIndian Red#CD5C5C
45Indigo ColorNames.InIndigo#4B0082
46Ivory ColorNames.InIvory#FFFFF0
47Khaki ColorNames.InKhaki#F0E68C
48Lavender ColorNames.InLavender#E6E6FA
49Lavender Blush ColorNames.InLavender Blush#FFF0F5
50Lawn Green ColorNames.InLawn Green
51Lemon Chiffon ColorNames.InLemon Chiffon#FFFACD
52Light Blue ColorNames.InLight Blue#ADD8E6
53Light Coral ColorNames.InLight Coral#F08080
54Light Cyan ColorNames.InLight Cyan
55Light Green ColorNames.InLight Green
56Light Pink ColorNames.InLight Pink#FFB6C1
57Light Salmon ColorNames.InLight Salmon#FFA07A
58Light Sea Green ColorNames.InLight Sea Green#20B2AA
59Light Sky Blue ColorNames.InLight Sky Blue
60Light Slate Gray ColorNames.In
Light Slate Gray
61Lime ColorNames.InLime#00FF00
62Linen ColorNames.InLinen#FAF0E6
63Magenta ColorNames.InMagenta#FF00FF
64Maroon ColorNames.InMaroon#800000
65Medium Blue ColorNames.InMedium Blue#0000CD
66Medium Violet Red ColorNames.InMedium Violet Red#C71585
67Midnight Blue ColorNames.InMidnight Blue#191970
68Mint Cream ColorNames.InMint Cream#F5FFFA
69Misty Rose ColorNames.InMisty Rose#FFE4E1
70Moccasin ColorNames.InMoccasin#FFE4B5
71Navy ColorNames.InNavy#000080
72Olive Color ColorNames.InOlive#808000
73Orange Red ColorNames.InOrange Red#FF4500
74Pale Golden Rod ColorNames.InPale Golden Rod#EEE8AA
75Pale Green ColorNames.InPale Green#98FB98
76Pale Turquoise ColorNames.InPale Turquoise#AFEEEE
77Pale Violet RedPale Violet Red#DB7093
78Peru ColorNames.InPeru#CD853F
79Plum ColorNames.InPlum#DDA0DD
80Purple 1 ColorNames.InPurple#800080
81Rebecca Purple ColorNames.InRebecca Purple#663399
82Rosy Brown ColorNames.InRosy Brown#BC8F8F
83Saddle Brown ColorNames.InSaddle Brown#8B4513
84Salmon ColorNames.InSalmon#FA8072
85Sandy Brown ColorNames.InSandy Brown#F4A460
86Sea Green ColorNames.InSea Green#2E8B57
87Sienna ColorNames.InSienna#A0522D
88Silver ColorNames.InSilver#C0C0C0
89Sky Blue ColorNames.InSky Blue#87CEEB
90Slate Blue ColorNames.InSlate Blue#6A5ACD
91Slate Gray ColorNames.InSlate Gray#708090
92Snow ColorNames.InSnow#FFFAFA
93Spring Green ColorNames.InSpring Green#00FF7F
94Steel Blue ColorNames.InSteel Blue#4682B4
95Tan ColorNames.InTan#D2B48C
96Tomato ColorNames.InTomato#FF6347
97Wheat ColorNames.InWheat#F5DEB3
98Yellow Green ColorNames.InYellow Green#9ACD32
100Yellow 1 ColorNames.InYellow#FFFF00

100+ Colours/Color of Grey With Pictures

All Different Colors/Colours Name with Pictures


Red Colour Image

Red is a bold, passionate, and energetic colour that commands attention. It represents strength, love, and vitality. It can be found in nature in vibrant flowers and ripe fruits. Red is frequently associated with ferocity, urgency, and excitement.


Blue Colour Image

Blue is the colour of peace, calm, and serenity. It evokes a sense of calm and is frequently associated with feelings of trust and dependability. Blue surrounds us with a soothing presence, from the endless expanse of the sky to the gentle waves of the ocean.


Yellow Colour Image

Yellow is the colour of sunshine and happiness, as it is bright and cheerful. It represents hope, joy, and warmth. Yellow can lift our spirits and inspire us to be more creative. It is commonly associated with vitality and energy.


Green ColorNames.In

Green is associated with nature, growth, and renewal. It’s a colour that represents harmony and balance. Green is abundant in the natural world, from lush forests to rolling meadows. It is frequently associated with health, newness, and fertility.


Orange ColorNames.In

Orange is a vibrant and energetic colour that combines the warmth of red with the brightness of yellow. It symbolizes zeal, creativity, and determination. Orange awakens our senses and promotes social interaction and communication.


Purple ColorNames.In

Purple is associated with elegance, creativity, and mystery. It is frequently associated with royalty and wealth. Purple is a transformative color that evokes feelings of enchantment and spirituality. It can be found in breathtaking sunsets and in blooming flowers.


Pink ColorNames.In

Pink is associated with love, tenderness, and femininity. It is a colour associated with compassion and nurturing. Pink is frequently associated with romance and sweetness. Pink captivates with its soft and gentle allure, from delicate petals to cotton candy skies.


Brown ColorNames.In

Brown represents stability, dependability, and earthiness. It is frequently associated with the natural world, representing warmth and comfort. Brown has the ability to instill a sense of security and grounding. It can be found in the earth’s rich tones and the texture of tree bark.


Black ColorNames.In

Black is a color associated with power, elegance, and mystery. It exudes a sense of refinement and allure. In artistic compositions, black can add depth and contrast. It is frequently associated with formality and can be found in the night sky.


White ColorNames.In

White represents purity, innocence, and simplicity. It symbolizes clarity and new beginnings. White conveys a feeling of cleanliness and freshness. It has the ability to create a sense of space and lightness, making it a popular choice for minimalist designs.


Grey ColorNames.In

Grey is a neutral color that represents usefulness, stability, and sophistication. It can instill a sense of calm and balance. Grey is often associated with timeless elegance and serves as an excellent backdrop to highlight other colors.


What is the color of the sky during the day?

The color of the sky during the day is blue.

What is the color of the sun?

The color of the sun is yellow.

What color is associated with love and Valentine’s Day?

The color associated with love and Valentine’s Day is red.

What is the color of the grass?

The color of the grass is green.

What is the color of a ripe banana?

The color of a ripe banana is yellow.

What is the color of a stop sign?

The color of a stop sign is red.

What is the color of a ripe tomato?

The color of a ripe tomato is red.

What is the color of the ocean?

The color of the ocean is blue.

What color is associated with Halloween?

The color associated with Halloween is orange.

What color is associated with sadness?

The color associated with sadness is blue.

What color is associated with danger?

The color associated with danger is red.

What color is associated with Christmas?

The color associated with Christmas is red and green.

What color is associated with joy?

The color associated with joy is yellow.